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Cutting and pasting wallpaper 2

Cutting and pasting wallpaper 1

Pasting the paper

pastingLay the first length of paper on your table face down.

Line up the far edge and one end of the paper with the far edge and one end of the table.

Then, move it slightly so it overlaps the table edge by a couple of millimetres (this will ensure that no paste gets onto the surface of the table to mark future pieces of paper).

Load your brush and apply the paste along the centre of the piece of paper.

Next, paste the far side working outwards in a criss-crossed fashion from the centre.

Slide the paper towards you so that it overhangs the near side of the table in the same way as before. Repeat the pasting process for this side.

pasting far sidepasting near side

You can paste up using a roller, but only work it in one direction otherwise you’ll find the paper being rolled up with it.

Cutting and pasting wallpaper 3