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Setting out wallpaper and planning 1

Starting papering by the main window

starting by windowA little planning will make all difference.

It is most common to start next to the main window in the room and work away from it. This prevents shadows being cast by any slight overlaps at the joins.

Allowing for the pattern

paper along centre line paper either side of centre line

If, however, you have a main feature like a fireplace and the paper has an obvious pattern, it is better to start there. The pattern needs to look balanced, so hanging the paper symmetrically about this feature will enhance the work. You will have a choice of hanging one piece of paper down the centre line, or hanging one piece either side of the centre. When deciding which method to adopt, look at the effect of this on the pattern itself, as well as the other drops of paper around the room. You may find that choosing one or the other gives you a less awkward cut at some point.

Setting out wallpaper and planning 2