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Grouting ceramic tiles

Types of tile grout

Allow the adhesive to set before filling the gaps with grout.

Check the instructions on the adhesive for the required time to allow.

As with adhesives, there are different types of grout. Be sure to select an appropriate type for your situation.

Spreading the tile grout

grouting the tilesThe grout is spread using a squeegee. Work small areas at a time to avoid the possibility of it drying before it is in place.

Work in all directions, being sure to push the grout into all of the joins.

With practice, as professionals do, the grout can be left smooth on the joins using the same tool.

However, if you find this difficult, an easy way is to run a small piece of dowel over each joint as work proceeds.

Excess tile grout

Remove all excess grout from the tile surfaces before it sets.

The thin film of grout remaining will be removed when the tiles are buffed up with a rag. This is done once the grout has dried so that it is not disturbed.