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Buying the Right Door Handles

Shopping for door handles isn’t as easy as you’d think and if you are under the impression that purchasing new door handles is simple you’ll be shocked at just how many different types there are to choose from. Without taking the time to properly review and research potential door handles is all too easy to purchase the wrong type – it isn’t all about looks, you have to take into account practicality and functionality as well. So, to help you out here is a three step guide to choosing the right door handles.

Colour Schemes, Furniture and Other Fittings.

The first thing to consider is the style of the room your door handle will be fitted – look at your colour scheme, furniture and other fittings, are they going to clash? Wrought iron or brass door handles work best in a home with a country theme, chrome or glass is a well suited choice for a contemporary or minimalistic styled room, and stainless steel is the perfect choice for a modern bathroom. If you’re thinking about practicality then acrylic handles are great for children’s bedrooms because they are so easy to keep clean.

Deciding on a Material

When it comes to choosing a material for your handles, you are certainly going to be spoilt for choice. Most suppliers will have a selection that includes; brass, chrome, wrought iron, acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, porcelain and glass. Some handles will also be constructed from a combination of materials. For example, there are some very attractive porcelain door handles on the market which are attached to a brass backplate. And this mixture of styles will add an even greater variety to the range of handles on offer.

Choosing your style

The huge variety of door handles can be a little daunting and it goes a little deeper than deciding what the door handle should be made of. To narrow down your options we have selected a few basics you should consider:

Lever or knob

This is obviously the most functional part of your door handle but is also aesthetically important. It is the most noticeable feature so making the right choice is important. Do you want a door handle with straight or stylish curved levers, or do you want a more antique looking brass door knob? Will children struggle with a door knob? Do you hate getting caught on door levers?


Many door handles have a ‘backplate’ or a ‘rose’, which is both for function and style. The ‘backplate’ is all about personal preference so you need to consider whether you want one and then look at all the various shapes and sizes; round, square, patterned or plain.

Door handle with a lock

You don’t just need to consider a lock for external doors; internals doors often need locks also. Studies, bedrooms, garages and work rooms can require a degree of privacy. Any decent supplier will have a large assortment of door handles with an integrated lock and they will all have an ‘emergency unlock’ feature fitted to them as an added safety measure.

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