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Sealants and Adhesives

All Weather Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives All Weather Sealants

All weather sealants are for use where ordinary sealants might be adversely affected by the weather - damp or wet conditions. Generally designed to give good adhesion to a range of building materials. Typical uses include sealing expansion joints in brickwork.

Building Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives Building Sealants

Building or construction sealants have a wide range of applications. Used to seal joints - typically these will include joints in concrete, stone, brick work and joints between different materials such as between frames and walls.

Carpet Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Carpet Tape

Specialist carpet tape is a double sided tape meaning that there is adhesive on both sides allowing it to bond with the back of the carpet and the substrate. Commonly used for fixing carpet joints and edges

Construction Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Construction Tape

A number of general purpose building tapes are available as well as specific tapes for use in construction. These include tape for plasterboard joints and high performance tapes such as foil tapes for sealing roof areas

Decorators Caulk

Sealants and Adhesives Decorators Caulk

Decorators caulk is applied using a sealant gun and provides a flexible filler for gaps such as those between skirtings, frames and wall. Easily smoothed and can be overpainted after an hour or so

Duct Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Duct Tape

Heavy duty tape for a variety of applications. The cloth tape has a heavy coating of adhesive one side making it very strong and durable. Can be used indoors or outdoors on porous and non porous surfaces.

Expanding Foam

Sealants and Adhesives Expanding Foam

Expanding foam comes in aerosol canisters and when exposed to air, expands rapidly to seal and fill areas. Great for use where large gaps need to be filled such as around holes for pipe work thereby stopping draughts.

Flooring Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives Flooring Sealants

Specialist sealants for use in flooring work such as solid wood floors and laminate floors. Ideal for sealing joints around the perimeter of the flooring. Flexible allowing for expansion of flooring.

General Purpose Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives General Purpose Sealants

This category includes all sealants for general building and DIY jobs where a seal is required between two materials. Suitable for use on a wide range of porous and non porous materials

Glazing Putty

Sealants and Adhesives Glazing Putty

Supplied in tubs, glazing putty is kneaded before use to make it workable. The putty is worked onto the frame to provide a soft bed for the glass. The glass is then sealed at the edges by an outer bead of putty

Glazing Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives Glazing Sealants

A sealant for use with glazing work. The sealant is applied from a cartridge using a sealant gun. This allows for even and controlled application. These sealants can be used on a range of materials

Grab Adhesives

Sealants and Adhesives Grab Adhesives

These adhesives are supplied in cartridges for use with sealant guns. The rapid adhesion means limited requirement for support. The classic 'Gripfill' is excellent for bonding all manner of building materials.

Hazard Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Hazard Tape

Various tapes for marking hazard areas are available to mark out danger areas. These include coloured barrier tapes as well as reflective tapes. Non slip tapes are used to reduce hazards on stairs and slopes.

High Strength Adhesives

Sealants and Adhesives High Strength Adhesives

High strength adhesives include contact adhesives and those such as 'Araldite'. These are used where the strength of the bond between materials is most important. Select according to materials being bonded.

Insulating Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Insulating Tape

Available in a wide range of colours as they are frequently used for identification purposes as well. Insulative properties make them useful for covering and protecting connections.

Masking Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Masking Tape

Primarily used to mask areas when painting. Commonly used along carpet edges and the like when repainting skirting boards or glass when painting timber frames. Can become difficult to remove if left too long.

Multi Purpose Fillers

Sealants and Adhesives Multi Purpose Fillers

Various fillers for use in a wide range of applications such as filling gaps in plaster, wood and other building materials. Once set the filler is sanded smooth ready for painting. Available ready mixed as well as dry powder.

Packing Tape

Sealants and Adhesives Packing Tape

Used for securing and taping up packing boxes. The tensile strength resists breaking and it is often mounted in a dispenser to make application quick and easy. Dispensers have cutters


Sealants and Adhesives PVA

An excellent primer, adhesive and sealer for most surfaces. Bonds most materials Use as a wood glue, a waterproofing additive as well as a sealant for porous surfaces. One of the most common uses is sealing walls prior to plastering.

Roofing Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives Roofing Sealants

Sealants for use on roofing work such as asphalt and bitumen as well as metal coverings. These sealants are weather resistant and can usually be applied to damp surfaces. Useful for sealing leaks in roof materials.

Sanitary Sealants

Sealants and Adhesives Sanitary Sealants

Specifically designed for sealing around sanitary appliances. Used for bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens where a flexible seal is required around baths, basins, showers and toilets.

Sealant Guns

Sealants and Adhesives Sealant Guns

For use with cartridges of sealants and adhesives, these applicators allow controlled and uniform application. The sealant is squeezed form the cartridge via a rod which incorporates a flow stop lever

Sealant Kits

Sealants and Adhesives Sealant Kits

Specialist kits for use when waterproofing an area such as showers and partial wet rooms. The kits provides the materials required to ensure a flexible but watertight leak proof area

Sealant Remover

Sealants and Adhesives Sealant Remover

Silicones and sealants can be difficult to remove without the right tools and products. These removers are able to dissolve either old or freshly applied sealant.

Tile Adhesives and Grouts

Sealants and Adhesives Tile Adhesives and Grouts

A range of tile adhesives and grouts is available to suit floor and wall tiling projects on a range of surfaces. Tile adhesives and grouts may be supplied in powder form or in ready mixed tubs.

Wallpaper Paste

Sealants and Adhesives Wallpaper Paste

Wallpaper adhesive is usually supplied in dry powder form which is then mixed with water to give the required consistency and strength for the particular application. Wallpaper adhesives are also available in ready mixed form.

Wood Fillers

Sealants and Adhesives Wood Fillers

A range of wood fillers which are usually supplied pre mixed. Colours are available to suit many different woods. The filler can be sanded smooth when dry ready for finishing to match the surrounding wood

Wood Glue

Sealants and Adhesives Wood Glue

Woodwork glues and adhesives range from basic glues to waterproof and high strength adhesives. Wood glues are sometimes mixed with sawdust to create a filler which closely matches the original wood