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Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are available in all manner of materials form wood to high gloss painted finishes. Replacement doors can provide a fast and relatively inexpensive way of facelifting a tired kitchen where the cabinets themselves are still in good condition. This overcomes the major upheaval of removing and replacing the units.

Cabinet Fittings Handles and Accessories

Kitchen Cabinet Fittings Handles and Accessories

A wide range of accessories and fittings is available for kitchen units. These include door handles in many different styles and materials as well as pull out drawers, specialist brackets for use in kitchens, and integrated items such as waste bins which can be mounted between the cabinet door and base unit so that they open automatically.

Cabinets and Panels

Kitchen Cabinets and Panels

Kitchen cabinets are available as either pre assembled units or flat pack. Flat pack cabinets are usually cheaper and easier to transport but can take a good deal of time to assemble. The range of cabinet finishes available means that end panels with the same finish will be required. The range of units available includes wall and base cabinets as well as open shelf units and drawer units.

Cookers and Stoves

Kitchen Cookers and Stoves

Cookers and stoves refers to freestanding cooking appliances for kitchens. These are slotted in to the layout giving a very different look to integrated appliances. The range of cookers available includes both gas and electric as well as multi-fuel appliances. Some are designed to emulate old fashioned range cookers suiting period kitchen designs but still offering modern functionality.


Kitchen Dishwashers

Designed to do away with washing up dishes, glasses, pans and cutlery by hand, dishwashers are a huge plus for any kitchen. The appliances may be free standing and simply slot in under a worktop, or integrated with a matching door so that the maintain the line and look of the kitchen. Appliances vary widely on price with integrated dishwashers being substantially more expensive.

Fridges and Freezers

Kitchen Fridges and Freezers

Fridges and freezers for keeping food and drinks cold or frozen can either be built in appliances with matching doors, or stand alone units. Single height fridges and freezers are fitted beneath worktops and full size appliances are either integrated in tall units or free standing alongside the kitchen cabinets


Kitchen Hobs

Unlike cookers and stoves where the rings on the top are all part of the same cooker, a hob is a separate unit mounted in the worktop. Various types are available from more traditional gas to modern electric hobs. Some of the more contemporary units appear as no more than a glass panel and work by induction.


Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods and extractors are used to remove steam and cooking smells from the kitchen. The simpler hoods have a recycling function and pass the air through replaceable carbon filters to remove odours. The superior ducted extractor air is ducted to the outside thereby eliminating the need for carbon filters. Hoods often also incorporate work lights.

Kitchenware and Accessories

Kitchen Kitchenware and Accessories

Kitchenware refers to a wide range of products including pots and pans for cooking and storing food. A huge range of kitchen accessories is available including wine racks and glass holders as well as wine racks and vegetable trays


Kitchen Microwaves

Microwaves are rapid cooking appliances which used radiation to heat the food. They are commonly free standing and sat on a suitable part of the worktop. Microwaves are also available as integrated appliances built into one of the kitchen cabinets which allows for a more streamlined appearance to the kitchen.


Kitchen Ovens

Ovens are built in appliances used for cooking. The range of ovens available includes both gas and electric. A common opinion is that gas ovens - particularly fan assisted types - produce better results. Ovens are integrated appliances mounted inside kitchen units providing a stream lined appearance to the kitchen.


Kitchen Sinks

Used for washing and preparation of food in a kitchen, sinks may be inset into a worktop or mounted on top of a base cabinet. Sinks range in styles from replicas of old fashioned butler sinks to more contemporary streamlined and integrated contemporary sinks made from steel or composite materials

Small Appliances Gadgets and Accessories

Kitchen Small Appliances Gadgets and Accessories

Small kitchen appliances, gadgets and accessories include coffee makers, warming drawers, wine coolers and fryers as well as rice cookers, food blenders, kettles and toasters. The range of gadgets and small appliances for kitchens is phenomenal and there are styles and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets


Kitchen Splashbacks

Splashbacks have become very much more popular in recent years and provide a more contemporary alternative to tiling behind sinks and other appliances. Splash-backs are available as individual panels for fixing behind a cooker or as full sections custom made to fit above all the worktops giving a fully integrated look.


Kitchen Taps

The range of taps available for kitchen sinks is almost endless with finishes from chrome to brushed steel. Modern kitchens usually have monobloc or mixer taps rather than the old style individual taps and may also incorporate filtered water outlets as well as detachable spray nozzles used for cleaning vegetables.

Washing Machines and Dryers

Kitchen Washing Machines and Dryers

Washing machines and drying machines are frequently fully integrated into modern kitchens. In larger houses they may be housed in the utility room but still built into a range of kitchen units. Washer dryers are also available which makes integrating into a smaller kitchen more practical as less space is required.

Waste Disposal and Sink Accessories

Kitchen Waste Disposal and Sink Accessories

Waste disposal units are frequently incorporated in modern sinks. These units are coupled with the waste outlet from the sink and a small macerator cuts up the waste food allowing it to be disposed of via the watse pipes. Modern units have an air triggered on off switch mounted at the sink.


Kitchen Worktops

Worktops for kitchens are available in a wide range of finishes and materials. Popular laminate worktops are relatively inexpensive whereas top of the range durable granite and composite worktops can be very expensive. The impact on the overall look of a kitchen can be substantially influenced by the choice of worktop.