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Fixings Anchors

Shield anchors and sleeve anchors for fixing to masonry. Anchors provide a heavy duty fixing in solid materials such as brick, block and other masonry. Inserted into a pre drilled hole, the outer part expands to grip the surface and provide a solid secure fixing point. Used for more substantial fixing than with simple plug and screw.

Board Screws

Fixings Board Screws

Screws for fixing boards such as chipboard. Specially designed for fixing chipboard and similar materials these board screws usually have deep threads enabling them to hold securely in particle boards. They can also be used for fixing other timbers


Fixings Bolts

Selection of fixing bolts used in home improvement and construction. Bolts are fixings comprising a threaded metal bar with head at one end so that it may be inserted through a hole in a material and fastened with a nut at the other end. Threads on the bolt and the nut are matched. A range of bolt designs are available for many specific applications


Fixings Brads

Galvanised and bright ring or smooth brads for a number of different applications. A brad is a thin wire nail which may have either a head or a small projection on one side. Simple brads may be used for glazing work to retain the glass in position. Other brads are designed for use in specific models of nail gun and come in a strip.

Brass screws

Fixings Brass screws

Brass screws for use with brass fittings such as hinges. Brass screws are available in many different patterns. Their use is usually for fixing brass locks hinges and other brass items. Brass is a softer material than steel and pilot holes should be drilled first to prevent damage. In some situations, steel screws are used as a temporary fixing before swapping for brass screws.

Bright Nails

Fixings Bright Nails

Bright or self coloured steel nails for general construction work. Bright nails are used for all manner of nailing work. Ideal for general interior and exterior nailing including carpentry and wood frames. These nails have a bright finish and are used where the nail head will be seen and appearance matters

Cavity Fixings

Fixings Cavity Fixings

Fixings for cavity wall and hollow items. Cavity fixings are designed to create a fixing point in hollow items where a regular plug cannot be used. Their designs vary but the principal is that the fixing has some mechanism which, when the screw is tightened, will grip the inner surface of the cavity to provide support. In addition, some hollow wall fixings have very deep threads which anchor into the facing material to provide the required support


Fixings Clips

Fixing clips ranging from hose clips to tool clips. Two main types of clip are included here. Clips for holding items such as tools - these may be used for hanging small hand tools in the workshop or shed. Hose clips which are used for fixing hoses to outlets. Often referred to as jubilee clips, these have a worm screw which tightens a metal band around the hose to hold it in place securely

Coach Bolts

Fixings Coach Bolts

Coach bolts and carriage bolts. Generally plated or galvanised to resist corrosion, coach bolts and carriage bolts provide heavy duty fixings. Unlike ordinary bolts, they normally have a rounded head with a square section below which grips the wood while the nut at the other end is tightened

Coach Screws

Fixings Coach Screws

Coach screws for heavy duty fixings. Unlike regular screws, these coach screws do not have a slotted or cross head. They are used where heavier duty fixing is required and are tightened by means of a spanner or socket on their hexagonal head.

Expansion Plugs

Fixings Expansion Plugs

Specialist drop in anchor or expansion plugs from manufacturers including Fischer. Often used in shallow concrete or masonry these fixings provide a socket for the fixing of bolts and threaded rods. As the bolt or rod is tightened, the expansion plug expands to grip the sides of the drilled hole

Exterior Wood Screws

Fixings Exterior Wood Screws

Screws for external applications including fixing decking timbers. These exterior screws are corrosion resistant so that they can be used outside. Often zinc plated or galvanised to resist moisture. Specialist decking screws are designed to drive easily without splitting timbers. May be collated. For hardwood decking, pilot holes should be drilled first

Eye Bolts

Fixings Eye Bolts

Eye bolts with washers and nuts. These threaded rods are designed for fixing in a similar manner to bolts except that the head is shaped to form a hook "eye".

Frame Fixings

Fixings Frame Fixings

Frame fixings for use with door and window frames. These fixings comprise a plug and screw supplied as a pair and pre mounted. A hole is drilled through the frame and into the masonry. The frame fixing is then tapped fully into the fixing hole with a hammer before being finally tightened with a screwdriver

Furniture Fixings

Fixings Furniture Fixings

Specialist fixings for furniture and and cabinets such as kitchen units. Included here are cam dowels and cam locks for fixing together two panels, connecting screws for joining cabinets together as well as joint blocks for securing plinths and worktops in position. Joint blocks are also used for simple connection of two panels where appearance is less important

Galvanised nails

Fixings Galvanised nails

Galvanised corrosion resistant nails including clout nails and angled types. These galvanised nails are designed to withstand external applications and include nails for roofing work such as pinning roof felt and securing roofing battens. Collated nails are for use with nail guns

Hammer Fixings

Fixings Hammer Fixings

Hammer in fixings for use on solid materials such as brick and block. These hammer fixings provide a fast and efficient installation. Similar in design to frame fixings except that they are hammered all the way in and only a nominal half turn of the head is required to secure

Hooks and Picture Hanging

Fixings Hooks and Picture Hanging

Simple hooks, cup hooks and coat hooks. Hooks designed for all manner of applications - often electro brass plated or white plastic coated. Small cup hooks and the like have a screw threaded point and are driven into the timber by hand whereas cabin and coat hooks etc are secured with screws.

Interior Wood Screws

Fixings Interior Wood Screws

Wide range of screws for all internal timber and joinery fixing. Interior wood screws ranging from steel and brass through to black japanned and plated. Various lengths and gauges and they may be either slotted, pozidrive or phillips

Machine Screws

Fixings Machine Screws

Machine screws with uniform shaft for fixing with nut or into a threaded hole. These specialist machine screws are generally fairly short and essentially a type of bolt.

Masonry and Drywall Screws

Fixings Masonry and Drywall Screws

Drywall screws and masonry screws for fixing plasterboard. These screws are specially designed to fix plasterboard or drywall to timber or metal studs. They tend to have fairly deep threads giving additional grip. Commonly used as a versatile "all rounder" fixing due to their rapid driving threads and thinner shafts with a sharp point allowing the screw to be started more easily

Masonry Nails

Fixings Masonry Nails

Masonry nails for fixing to dense materials such as plaster, brick and block. These nails are thicker than standard nails and usually made of hardened zinc enabling them to be used for fixing items such as timber battens to brickwork.

Nails and Pins

Fixings Nails and Pins

Nails and pins used for general fixings in construction and home improvement projects. The simplest and quickest of all fixings these, nails and pins are simply driven into the surface with a hammer. They are used where the additional fixing strength of screws is not required or justified.


Fixings Nuts

Standard nuts as well as wing nuts, cap nuts and dome nuts. Nuts are used in conjunction with bolts or threaded rods to provide strong fixings. The thread of the nut and bolt must match. A number of different head types is available from hexagonal through to wing nuts which are designed to be readily removable

Plasterboard nails

Fixings Plasterboard nails

Nails specially designed for fixing plasterboard or drywall to timber stud work. These plasterboard nails are galvanised to make them corrosion resistant and have countersunk heads so they sit flush with the board surface. The shaft is ridged which gives extra grip preventing them working loose

Plastic Headed Nails

Fixings Plastic Headed Nails

Plastic headed nails for specific application including fixing UPVC. These nails usually have a stainless steel shank together with a sharp point and the head has a plastic cover. Annular rings improve the grip characteristics so that they are almost as secure as screws. These fixings are hammered home and often used for securing PVC profiles and other maintenance free items where a secure fixing is required. Used where nails or screws would give an unsightly appearance


Fixings Plugs

Plastic and nylon fixing plugs for secure fixings in masonry. Plugs come in a range of sizes to suit different application. The basic principle is that the plug is inserted into a hole drilled in brick, block or stone to provide an anchor point for a screw. As the screw is tightened, the plastic plug expands gripping the side wall of the drilled hole to provide a secure fastening


Fixings Rivets

Blind and flange rivets for use with riveters. Rivets are metal pins which can be inserted through a hole in two surfaces to form a fastening. The pin is mounted in a sleeve with a preformed head at one end. As the pin is drawn through the sleeve by the riveter a second "head" is formed tightly against the other surface to give a secure fixing


Fixings Roofing

Fixings specially designed for various roofing applications. This section includes fixings for polycarbonate roof sheeting as well as clout nails used for securing roofing felt to timber.

Round wire nails

Fixings Round wire nails

General purpose round wire nails for building and DIY projects. These "all rounders" comprise a steel wire shaft with a round head. They are normally used where appearance is not a major concern. The larger head makes for increased contact with the head of the hammer as it is driven into the wood making them popular for general work.

Screw Cups and Caps

Fixings Screw Cups and Caps

Caps and cups for screw fixings. Generally made from plastic these screw cups and caps are used to give a neater appearance to fixings. They are available in a range of colours. The screw cup is mounted on the screw prior to fixing and the screw cap is clipped in place. They are designed for concealing both slotted and cross head screws - particular used with melamine or laminated panels

Screw Storage

Fixings Screw Storage

A range of plastic storage boxes for keeping screws and nails organised. These storage boxes have multiple compartments for keeping all your fixings without them getting mixed up making it easier to find the right nail or screw when it's needed

Security Screws

Fixings Security Screws

Security screws and anti- removal clutch head and star drive fixings. These security screws provide a permanent fixing. The heads are unlike standard screws making them more difficult to undo and are used where security is important such as with security bars and grilles

Self Tapping Screws

Fixings Self Tapping Screws

Self tapping or self boring screws for fixing to metal. Self tapping screws have hardened threads which enable them to create an internal thread in the material as they are driven in. Sometimes referred to as sheet metal screws, these provide a secure method of fixing to metal work.

Set Screws

Fixings Set Screws

Set Screws or Set bolts. Usually called a set screw, these are more like a bolt in appearance. It is a type of machine screw and is designed to prevent movement between the two parts

Shear Nuts

Fixings Shear Nuts

Shear nuts, sometimes referred to as security nuts. These nuts are specially designed to provide a vandal resistant fixing. The nut has a cone shaped base and hexagonal top. As the nut is fully tightened, the hexagonal section shears off leaving the domed section in place. This domed section is smooth giving a secure fixing which is difficult to undo

Socket Screws

Fixings Socket Screws

Socket screws sometimes referred to as socket bolts or Allen bolt. The head of these socket screws has a recessed drive which is hexagonal and is designed to be driven with a hex bit or an allen key

Specialist Fixings

Fixings Specialist Fixings

Range of specialist fixings included threaded. This section includes all manner of fixings with specific purpose - basin fixings, chemical anchor fixing systems and injection resins as well as insulation fixings and multi-monti fixings

Specialist Nails

Fixings Specialist Nails

Nails with specialist characteristics or application. This section includes annular ring nails providing high grip as well as coppered square shank hardboard pins and cut clasp nails or cut nails

Specialist Screws

Fixings Specialist Screws

Special application screws. This section includes screws for specific purposes such as chrome or dome headed mirror screws


Fixings Staples

Staples for a range of different staplers or staple guns. Staples are "U" shaped wire fixings designed to hold materials in place. The staples are driven into the surface using a staple gun or tacker. The two points drive into the surface leaving the top of the "U" exposed holding the material

Threaded Rod

Fixings Threaded Rod

Threaded rods also referred to as studs for use in building work. Threaded rods can be cut to length to provide a suitably sized fixing where standard size bolts are unsuitable - A versatile multi-purpose fixing sometimes used in plumbing building and electrical work


Fixings Washers

Washers for use with a range of fixings. Washers are thin round metal or other material with a hole in the centre. Metal washers are used to distribute the fixing load over a larger area. Split and other specialist washers are also available which resist being undone due to vibration.