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Drills Drivers and Blades


Drills Drivers and Blades Auger

Auger drills and drill bit sets. Auger drill bits are generally used in a hand brace as the threaded end would draw the bit into the wood too fast with a power drill. The spurred edges of the blade cut the perimeter of the hole followed by the chisel blade which cuts away the waste. The auger is used for cutting larger diameter flat bottomed circular holes in wood.


Drills Drivers and Blades Bandsaw

Bandsaw blades for wood and metal cutting. These blades for bandsaws comprise a continuous metal band with teeth along one of the edges. They are ideal for cutting irregular shapes and benefit from the constant speed and therefore cutting action of the blade. The blade runs vertically and the wood to be cut is placed on the table where it can be turned in the direction of the required cut.

Blade Accessories

Drills Drivers and Blades Blade Accessories

Hand and Power tool blade accessories. These include lubricants to ease cutting as well as protect the blade. Also available are adaptors and reduction rings for blades.

Breaker Chisels

Drills Drivers and Blades Breaker Chisels

Flat point and spade breaker chisels for masonry. These are designed for use in breakers and you should check the fitting type before purchase. Chisels and points are fitted in breakers to cut into brick and masonry using a hammer type action.


Drills Drivers and Blades Chucks

Power drill hex and keyless chucks. A drill chuck holds drill bits securely in place in the power drill. They usually have a self centring system in place which ensures that the drill bit is perfectly in line. Two main types are available - the keyed chuck which requires a special key to tighten, and the hand tightened version. The latter makes for easier and faster drill bit changes and there is no key to lose !

Circular Saw

Drills Drivers and Blades Circular Saw

TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped D circular saw blades and other brands. The different materials and teeth designs of circular saw blades allow for cutting different materials. Hardened tips made from tungsten carbide remain sharp considerably longer. Some specialist blades are made which can also rip through nails found in salvaged timber.

Core Drills

Drills Drivers and Blades Core Drills

Core dill diamond bits and hole cutters. Core drills are used for cutting holes in concrete. Some core cutters are tungsten carbide tipped but, concrete is extremely hard and diamond tipped core drills are sometimes needed. The hard diamond tips will wear over time. These cut the perimeter of the hole and an entire 'core' or plug of concrete is removed. Ideal for cutting holes for ducts and conduits.

Diamond Blades

Drills Drivers and Blades Diamond Blades

Dewalt tile saw and other diamond blades for cutting granite and hard materials. Diamond blades are needed for cutting very hard materials such as concrete brick, stone and can be useful for materials like ceramic or composite tiles. The diamond blade actually cuts using a grinding action rather than teeth used in conventional blades. Small diamond crystals are mounted on the blade tips to provide an extremely tough grinding surface.


Drills Drivers and Blades Dowelling

Dowels and dowel drill guides for dowelling projects. These blades are specifically designed for cutting precise holes for dowels used in joints and connections between sections of timber. Dowel joints are often used in frames and the dowel drill bits ensure correct sizing and alignment of these.

Drill Bit Sets

Drills Drivers and Blades Drill Bit Sets

Wood drill sets, masonry drill bits and metal cutting drill sets including quick change drill bits. Drill bit sets are often much cheaper than buying all the individual bits you may require. The case also provides a good storage solution so that the drill bits are less likely to become lost or damaged. Having a full set of bits for wood, masonry, and metal will mean you have the right drill bit handy when it's needed rather than having to rummage around your toolbox or make a special purchase.

Driver Bit Holders

Drills Drivers and Blades Driver Bit Holders

Angled flexible and magnetic screw driver bit holders. These enable a power drill to be used as a driver. Specialist driver bits simply slot into the bit holder which is mounted in the drill chuck. Driver bit holders are usually fitted with a magnet which holds the driver bit in place or a sprung quick release mechanism.

Driver Bits

Drills Drivers and Blades Driver Bits

Driver bits and screwdriver bits including pozi hex and sets. Driver bits may be fitted directly into a drill chuck but, more usually, they are fitted in a driver bit holder. The range of driver bits will include various sizes of flat head, pozidiv, phillips and hexagonal keys. Higher quality bits will be more expensive but will also be considerably more durable.

Flat Wood Bits

Drills Drivers and Blades Flat Wood Bits

Flat wood drill bits for diy and home improvement woodwork and joinery projects. For use in timber, these have a pointed tip which starts and aligns the drill bit. This is followed by a wide blade whose chisel like edges bore the hole and remove the waste wood. A range of sizes is available and they are a fast way of cutting holes - particularly for jobs like running cables though stud work.

Hacksaw Blades

Drills Drivers and Blades Hacksaw Blades

Hacksaw blades including grit coated, hss and junior hack saw blades. These fine toothed blades are used for cutting metals. They are held under tension in a hacksaw frame. Hacksaw blades are easily replaced and keeping a few to hand is a good idea as they can snap or dull relatively easily. The two main sizes fit either a full size hacksaw frame or a 'Junior' hacksaw.

Hand saw

Drills Drivers and Blades Hand saw

Saw blades for hand saws and bow saws. Full range of Diy drills drivers blades and tools These are replacement blades for a range of hand saws. Select the appropriate blade for the type of material you are cutting and ensure the saw blade fitting matches your saw.


Drills Drivers and Blades Holesaws

Hole saws board cutters and cobalt hole saw including adjustable cutters. These are used for cutting larger diameter circular cut-outs in wood and man made boards. A central drill bit cuts and initial small diameter hole. This is followed by the round cutter blades which cut the perimeter of the hole. A solid 'plug' of wood is removed.


Drills Drivers and Blades HSS

HSS drill bits including Dewalt. HSS stands for high speed steel. These drill bits are used for cutting metals - they can also be used for wood and man made materials but, it is generally best to keep a set of drills for each as this will increase their life span preventing them blunting prematurely.

HSS Sets

Drills Drivers and Blades HSS Sets

HSS drill bit sets including cobalt combination cutters and Dewalt. High Speed Drill bit sets will include a range of sizes. They are primarily designed for drilling metals. Although they can be used on other materials, it is better to keep separate sets of drills for each to maximise their life. Keeping drills in their original box will prevent them becoming damaged or lost.


Drills Drivers and Blades Jigsaw

Standard and TCT jigsaw blades. Blades for jigsaws are available for many different materials including wood, metal, ceramic tiles, plastics, and man made boards. Jigsaw blades can snap, particularly if excessive pressure is used so keep spares. Accuracy of cuts is dictated by the quality and both fine and rough cutting jig saw blades are available.

Knife Blades

Drills Drivers and Blades Knife Blades

Steel trimming utility and hooked knife blades including hardened and flexible blades for diy knives. Utility knife blades are used for numerous general cutting purposes. The most common shape is the double ended blade which can simply be reversed when the first cutting edge dulls. Different designs are available including the hooked blade which is suited to cutting roofing shingles, felt and similar building materials, as well as carpets and flooring.


Drills Drivers and Blades Masonry

Masonry multipurpose sds and tct drill bits and blades. Masonry drill bits are designed to cut holes in hard materials such as brick and block. They comprise a spiral shaft often made from chrome vanadium. The spiral helps extract the dust from the hole. The tip is normally made of a hardened material such as tungsten carbide to provide the cutting edge.

Masonry Sets

Drills Drivers and Blades Masonry Sets

Masonry drill bit sets and diamond tip blades for for use on brick concrete stone marble ceramic and tiles. A set of masonry drill bits will be invaluable - having the correct drill bit size for plugging and fixing to brick block and concrete is essential. Incorrect drill sizes will cause the fixing to fail. Keeping drills in their original box will prevent them becoming damaged or lost.

Metal Cutting and Grinding Discs

Drills Drivers and Blades Metal Cutting and Grinding Discs

Metal cutting discs and metal grinding discs and blades. These blades are made for cutting and grinding specific materials. Ensure you select according to whether you're working with stone and concrete or with metal. Grinding blades will be made from an abrasive material and often wear away gradually and will need replacing. Some cutting discs have a series of segments resembling teeth - the edges are diamond coated to give an extremely hard cutting edge.

Mortar Rakes

Drills Drivers and Blades Mortar Rakes

Power tool mortar rake for raking out brick mortar prior to pointing. These tools cut away mortar joints so that they can be re pointed. Raking out mortar joints with these is a lot quicker than doing the same job by hand and results in a better finish.

Mortice chisels

Drills Drivers and Blades Mortice chisels

Mortice chisel square hole cutting drill bit. These are used to enable square holes to be cut in wood. The wood cutting drill bit is housed inside a square section cutter. The drill cuts the circular section within, and the blade edge at the tip of the outer section defines and cuts the remainder to form the square slot.

Multi Purpose Drill Bits

Drills Drivers and Blades Multi Purpose Drill Bits

Multipurpose drill and drill bit sets. These drill bits are designed to cut almost any material and overcome the need to keep changing drill bits. The tip is often made of multiple tough and durable cutting edges.

Planer Blades

Drills Drivers and Blades Planer Blades

Power planer blades including TCT planer blades from Dewalt and others. Replacement planer blades are usually tungsten carbide tipped to give an excellent cutting edge which is very durable. Blades are made for specific planers so check carefully before purchase that they will fit your machine. Protect blades when the planer is not in use to prevent dulling.

Power Saw

Drills Drivers and Blades Power Saw

Reciprocating saw and power saw blades for sabre alligator and brick saws. Various blade types are available for cutting wood and metal and may be fine or coarse depending on requirements. The fixing mechanism will need to suit your particular saw. Tips may be coated with tungsten carbide.


Drills Drivers and Blades Rotary

Rotary blades and cutters including laminate floor cutter. Full range of Diy drills drivers blades and tools Rotary blades for making fast cuts in a wide variety of construction materials including tiles and more difficult materials such as porcelain, terracotta and granite. Makes such as RotoZip are designed to cut holes dry in tiles and are considerably faster than conventional means.


Drills Drivers and Blades Router

Router cutters and biscuit jointing blades including Tungsten Carbide tipped. Router blades are generally divided into two groups - edge cutters and non-edge cutters. There are hundreds of patterns of router cutter available and are usually either HSS (high speed steel) or tungsten carbide tipped. Edge cutter bits have a small wheel which guides the blade along the surface for chamfer cove and ogee patterns whereas the non-edge router blade relies on the use of a fence to produce accurate dovetail, v-groove and round nose patterns

Scroll Saw

Drills Drivers and Blades Scroll Saw

Scroll saw blades made from carbon steel suitable for wood and plastic. Scroll saws use a reciprocating action but are mounted in a machine similar to a band saw. These blades can be used to cut curved and intricate shapes in wood very easily. The wood can be pre drilled allowing blades to be inserted and work started within rather than from the edge


Drills Drivers and Blades SDS

SDS blades for masonry from Dewalt and others. Check for compatibility as SDS drill chucks have different designs. Open and closed grooves within the shank allow the sds drill bit to deliver hammer action as well as rotary action. These blades are very tough and with the SDS drill produce faster cutting than a regular drill bit.

SDS Auger

Drills Drivers and Blades SDS Auger

SDS auger drill bits. Auger bits for use in SDS drills with hammer stop. The shank is designed to fit the SDS chuck and (without hammer action) allows the machine to be used for drilling wood

SDS Chisels

Drills Drivers and Blades SDS Chisels

SDS chisels for mortar raking, skirting board chisels flat and point chisels plus tile removing and scutch combs. With the SDS drill set to hammer action only (no rotary action), these blades will act like a mini breaker. SDS chisels can be used for chasing walls for cable runs as well as other cut outs and light demolition work.

SDS Sets

Drills Drivers and Blades SDS Sets

SDS drill bits and chisel sets. SDS drill bits are for use in SDS drills. The chuck design varies so check compatibility. The hammer action action combined with rotary action delivers a very efficient drilling system. Having a set of sds blades will mean you have the right size available when needed. Keep blades in their box to protect them from damage


Drills Drivers and Blades Sets

Drill bit and driver sets for power and hand drills and screwdrivers. Having a full set of drill bits and accessories will mean you have the right drill bit available when you need it. A good box with all the drills neatly arranged and secured will protect them from damage and mean you can find the one you need easily.

Specialist Blades

Drills Drivers and Blades Specialist Blades

Specialist tool blades including coping saws. Specialist blades for a range of applications. These include blades for mitre saws and coping saws. Check blade fitting, size and application before purchase

Specialist Drills

Drills Drivers and Blades Specialist Drills

Specialist drill bits including box sinker for electrical sockets, circular cutter and tile cutter piping set. These specialist drill bits include single and double electrical socket box cutters for produce fast and accurate cut-outs in brickwork and block work. Some have built in dust collection systems

Specialist Driver Bits

Drills Drivers and Blades Specialist Driver Bits

Specialist driver bits including countersink nut driver pozi and square for power screwdrivers. A range of different driver bits for specific applications. The different shaped heads allow for tightening and removing a number of specialist screw types including star and square head.

Stone Cutting and Grinding Discs

Drills Drivers and Blades Stone Cutting and Grinding Discs

Stone gutting and grinding discs for use with angle grinders. Some discs are designed for grinding, others for cutting. Be sure to select accordingly. These are used for cutting things like paving and marble. The grinding disc can be used to shape and round off edges. Some are diamond coated which provides a harder and more durable cutting / grinding surface. Blades wear with use and will need replacement so be sure to have a few spares available before starting.


Drills Drivers and Blades Wood

Wood drill bits including brad point, self feed and beaver for deep holes. Wood drill bits are designed for cutting and boring accurate holes in timber. There are a range of standard size drills. Sometimes known as twist drills, these have two flutes which spiral along the length of the bit. Buying good quality drill bits will save money in the long run as they will be more durable and stay sharp longer

Wood Sets

Drills Drivers and Blades Wood Sets

Drill bit sets for cutting wood - this section includes flat forstner and countersinks. Sets of drill bits are invaluable when carrying out DIY projects. Having access to the right sized drill bit when it's needed saves a lot of time. Keep drill bits in their original boxes to keep them from being damaged.