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Abrasives Accessories

Abrasive accessories for power tools including backing pads, sanding drums, rust and paint removers, and fibre discs. Backing pads may be used to mount abrasive discs on power tools such as angle grinders enabling them to be used as power sanders. Sanding drums are well suited for shaped surfaces as their sponge like body allows them to adapt more easily to contours. Rust and paint removing attachments have fibres coated with abrasive material and are mounted on a spindle for use with power drills. The design of these allows them to work on 'hard to reach' areas.

Angle Grinder Brushes

Abrasives Angle Grinder Brushes

Wire wheel grinder, angle grinder brushes and wire brushes for rust removal. Various designs are available and selection will depend on the application. The wires, which are sometimes knotted, allow for fast removal of fairly thick layers of surface coatings such as paints, as well as rust, scale and other contaminants.

Bench Grinder Brushes

Abrasives Bench Grinder Brushes

Abrasive brushes and wheels for bench grinders. Used in place of grinding stones these brushes are mounted on bench grinders and used for the rapid removal of thick layers of paint, surface contaminants, rust and scale.

Corner Sander Sheets

Abrasives Corner Sander Sheets

Aluminium oxide corner sander sheets for bosch psm and other power sander tools. These abrasive sheets are designed for specific sanders so make sure you select accordingly. The holes in some are to facilitate dust extraction via the machine on which they're mounted. The shape enables even awkward areas to be power sanded and prepared prior to painting and varnishing.

Detail Sander Sheets

Abrasives Detail Sander Sheets

Detail sander sheets, 80 and 120 grit sandpaper and aluminium oxide abrasive paper. These are for use with detail sanding machines and you should select accordingly. The grit refers to the coarseness with higher values indicating finer finish. They may be used to strip, sand, and finish all manner of materials - wood, paint, varnish, plaster, plastic and metals. The holes in some sheets allow for dust extraction and prevent clogging

Drill Brushes and Grinders

Abrasives Drill Brushes and Grinders

Abrasive wire brush sets and drill brushes. Used with either power drills or grinders, these comprise wire brushes mounted in a cup or wheel. These wire brushes enable rapid preparation of surfaces and removal of rust, scale, paint and surface contamination.

Emery Cloth

Abrasives Emery Cloth

Abrasive emery paper and emery cloth for surface preparation. Emery paper is used for preparing, polishing, cleaning and deburring metal surfaces by hand. The mineral is glued to a backing paper or cloth and the grit size determines the coarseness. The lower the grade the coarser the emery will be.

Hand Sanding Pads

Abrasives Hand Sanding Pads

Hand sanding pads and sandpaper for surface preparation. Used for surface preparation and to remove imperfections prior to applying paint and varnish. They may also be used for keying painted or varnished surfaces before recoating. Some can be used wet which reduces clogging and minimises dust. Various grades are available Flexible sponges allow easier work on shaped surfaces and better access to awkward areas.


Abrasives Polishing

Abrasive and polishing materials and sundries including pads sponges and cloths plus cutting paste and glass polishing kits. Pads may be used to apply cutting compounds and pastes to surfaces to cut back oxidised and contaminated surfaces. These may then be polished using lambswool or cotton mops and bonnets to produce high quality finishes on metalwork

Sanding Belts

Abrasives Sanding Belts

Sanding belts and aluminium oxide belts for power sanding machines. Used with belt sanders, these come in various grades. Used for shaping preparing and finishing wood metal and painted surfaces. Aluminium oxide belts offer improved performance, stay 'sharp' longer and are more resistant to clogging

Sanding Blocks

Abrasives Sanding Blocks

Hand sanding blocks to fit sandpaper sheets and sanding kits for surface smoothing and preparation. Sanding blocks are designed to provide a flat surface for abrasive sheets so that they cut evenly without leaving ridges or contours in the surface. This also ensures even pressure is applied over the whole surface when hand sanding. Faster and better results are achieved. Some blocks have retaining slots or velcro mechanisms to hold the sand paper firmly in place and prevent slipping. The blocks are shaped for a comfortable grip

Sanding Discs

Abrasives Sanding Discs

Sanding discs and aluminium oxide discs including 80 grit and 120 grit for general sanding applications. A wide range of fibre sanding discs is available for preparing, stripping, shaping and finishing surfaces. Select suitable discs for the machine you are using and note that some discs have holes to aid dust extraction and prevent clogging. Aluminium discs are available and can be used on wood, paint, fillers and composite materials.

Sanding Rolls

Abrasives Sanding Rolls

Sandpaper and glass paper sanding rolls for general surface preparation. Available in a range of different grits to give coarse, medium and fine cutting these rolls often work out cheaper than buying pre-cut sheets. The length can be cut as required and used on sheet and palm sanders as well as for hand sanding work. Suitable for all manner of sanding and finishing work on wood, metal, paintwork, varnished wood, plasterwork and composite materials.

Sanding Sheets

Abrasives Sanding Sheets

Sanding sheets for use with orbital sanders and long lasting aluminium oxide sandpaper for use on wood plaster metal and plastic. Standard sized sanding and abrasive sheets are produced in a range of grades providing coarse, medium and fine cutting on woodwork, paintwork, fillers and composite materials. Some sheets use the 'hook and loop' fastening system allowing for quick replacement

Steel Wool

Abrasives Steel Wool

Steel wool for surface preparation, cleaning and removing paint, suitable for use with strippers. Available in coarse and medium grade. Sometimes referred to as wire wool this consists of bundles of fine steel filaments. Various grades of steel wool are available and can be used in all manner of surface preparation work. Some professional cleaners use this for cleaning hard materials such as stone, marble and even glass. It is more commonly used on wood and, along with chemical strippers, to aid paint and varnish removal.

Wet and Dry Sheets

Abrasives Wet and Dry Sheets

Wet and dry abrasive sheets for use on wood and metal in surface preparation. Wet and dry papers can, as the name implies be used with or without water. Generally used for preparing painted and varnished surfaces ready for recoating. Used wet, the water acts as a lubricant reducing clogging and extremely smooth finishes can be achieved. Often used for high quality painting of woodwork and when preparing car bodywork for re spraying