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Questionable Cover Image on Trade Magazine

Been making lots of extra trips to the DIY store this week. Had to sort out the downstairs toilet for the missus. This meant some family trips to peruse the tile and flooring options which was kind of stressful. I am used to heading to the right aisle, getting what I want and getting out as soon as possible. Can't do this with a wife and kids in tow.

Our local DIY store is piled to the rafters with Christmas trees and decorations which was just a little distracting for the children. Chloe was pretty much besotted by the twinkling lights and we came away with much more than we bargained for – of course. I can't resist it when the kids pipe up with statements like “But daddy, the blue lights match your eyes...” I would be sick if it was anyone else's kids.

But eventually we got the tiles we needed. Picked up some white paint for the ceiling and some new handles for the door. Luckily we had already ordered the new sink and toilet. The old one is currently sitting on our front garden with a light dusting of snow. I have promised it will be gone by Christmas, but I might leave it to the last minute just to see the rising panic on Claire's face. We all need a bit of fun in our day!

While we were at our local DIY store, I paid at the trade counter (the shorter queues make it all worthwhile) and got given a free copy of the latest magazine aimed at us tradesmen. I won't mention its name, but many of you might have seen it already. Now bear in mind I was with the wife and kids at this point and this magazine did not go down too well with the other half at all.

She described it as sexist and aimed at the lowest common denominator – whatever that means. In lots of ways I have to agree with her as I have no idea what the plumbing or electrical trade has to do with finding the most attractive cover star for their mag. But they devoted a few pages to it. The rest of it was not very helpful, unless you know very little about what you do.

Sometimes I do feel as though us tradesmen (and women) aren't taken very seriously at all. The fact is that we are just as much business men and women as someone who sells financial services. We even earn more than they do sometimes. Yet we are still treated like sex mad imbeciles who spend all day polishing our white van before drinking loads of beer down at the pub, while watching the football. We aren't all like that are we?

Speaking for myself, I am a hard working family man, I love my wife and kids, I employ a female apprentice and I totally respect the job she does. It doesn't make me weird does it? Still I have to admit the girl on the cover of the mag was a bit of a stunner....just don't tell the wife.

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