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Areas Struggling to Access Home Insulation Grants

New figures released this week have indicated that UK islands such as Scilly and the Shetland islands are having trouble accessing the home insulation grants which the government is offering.

The  Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme is run by utility companies in conjunction with DIY stores and local authorities. They have been asked by the government to provide discounts and schemes to improve the levels of insulation in UK homes. However the DECC has this week shown that some local authorities are installing less insulation than others.

Three London boroughs and UK Islands are faring the worst. None of the 800 homes on the isles of Scilly and only 349 homes out of 23,000 homes on the Shetland Islands have benefited from the scheme.

The CERT scheme places a legal obligation on utility companies to provide grants and funding, but does not impose geographical targets. This has meant that those parts of the UK outside of the mainland are missing out.

Residents of these islands have complained that the only way they can take advantage of the scheme is to go to the mainland and buy insulation from one of the DIY stores which is participating by offering discounts. They then have to install it themselves or use local contractors. However some installers on the islands are not willing to become accredited as it is not worth their while.

It has also been pointed out that the same problems will occur when the Renewable Heat Incentive starts next year.

The London boroughs which are falling behind have blamed their problems on the fact that many residents live in flats which cannot be easily insulated.